10 Easy Ways You Can Modify and Spiff up Your Car

10 Easy Ways You Can Modify and Spiff up Your Car

What do you do if you wish you had a little more car than your current model has going for it but don’t want to go all the way and buy a new one? If modifying your car yourself to spiff it up sounds intimidating to you, you’re not alone. However, there are a lot of ways you can upgrade your car yourself without breaking the bank or having to possess any high level of auto expertise or wizardry.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your car’s performance or appearance, these relatively easy improvements will have your car feeling newer and more luxurious once you are done.

Hood scoops

To add both performance and a great sporty look to your car, try a custom-fitted hood scoop. A good aerodynamic design will help to instantly enhance your vehicle.

Wind deflector

To give your car a great streamlined look and to add functionality, get a good pair of tape-on wind deflectors. These handy add-ons help you let air into your car without you getting blown away. They also help reduce window fogging and keep moisture from getting into cracked windows.

High-performance tires

For a serious upgrade, look into high-performance tires. They will help improve your car’s handling and give you a great sporty driving experience. Improved tires can also increase your car’s fuel efficiency. Plus, they look great.

Seat covers

When upgrading your car, don’t forget the interior. After all, that is where you spend most of your time with your car. Custom seat covers will have your car looking and feeling like new. Add your favorite colors, patterns, or designs to give the interior of your car just the right personalized feel.


Add a serious upgrade by installing a nitrous system to your car. By adding more power to your engine’s air intake, you can get more from your car. Since a dry nitrous system can be used selectively, it won’t wear your engine like a continuous supercharged system.

Interior lights

Back inside your car, take a look at custom interior lighting. You can add a soft LED glow to the floors and walls to give your car a fun feel. They can also help show off any other improvements you make to your interior.

Windshield wipers

This might seem like a more mundane add-on, but custom windshield wipers should not be ignored. You can get high profile wipers in dazzling colors to really accent your car’s finish. Plus, you get the obvious benefit of a cleaner view for safer driving.


Add a custom finishing touch with decals that can give your car some added personality. Choose from a number of designs to grace your hood, doors, or fenders. You can go with simple pinstripe designs to something more intricate.

Hood ornaments

These used to be a big deal, and you can take this design element to the extreme. Get a cool skull, a wild animal, or perhaps the helmet from your favorite football team to make your car look truly one of a kind.

Rear view mirrors

Back to the practical side of improving your car. A good wide rear view mirror adds an element of safety by allowing you to see more of what is around you. This is great for driving safely on crowded roads. It will also give your car another added custom look.

When it comes to modifying and spiffing up your car, you can do just about anything you can imagine. You can decide what features you want, whether you want to emphasize performance, appearance, or both.

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