10 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking New

10 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking New

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have or how much you paid; The quality of your car comes down to you and how well you care for it. In this post, we’ve got 10 simple tricks to keep your car looking new for the long haul!

1. Wash Your Car by Hand

More often than not, drive-thru car washes do more harm than good with abrasive brushes, harmful detergent, and dirty drying towels. Take the time to wash your car by hand, but avoid washing it in direct sunlight, as this can burn spots into the paint.

2. Use Mild Car Detergent

Don’t make the common rookie mistake of cleaning your car with dishwasher detergent. Treat your vehicle to a wash with mild car detergent that won’t wear on the paint, polish, or wax.

3. Wash Often

If you really want to keep your car looking new, wash it frequently. Our auto experts recommend washing your vehicle on a weekly basis (if using the right tools and detergent) to remove rain spots, animal droppings, etc.

4. Remove Droppings ASAP

Did you know that those nasty bird turds on your car can permanently stain your paint if left unattended? If you spot a spot on your vehicle, remove it as soon as you can with soap and water. Avoid bird droppings by making a conscious effort to park under covered areas, or avoid parking under trees, telephone poles, and other perch points.

5. Hand Dry

Similar to bird crap, water droppings can also permanently stain your paint. Whether you’re washing your vehicle yourself, or you’re taking it through a harmful car wash (tsk tsk) make sure you hand dry it with a clean cloth or a synthetic chamois to remove excess water.

6. Use Paint Protection

Remember when you were offered paint protection products at the dealership and you scoffed at the idea of wasting money on unnecessary junk? Scoff no more, my friend. Vehicle paint protection products can protect the appearance of your investment and keep it looking like new -- especially if you’re not in a position to wash it every week.

7. Polish Regularly

Polish your car regularly to preserve the paint job and keep it looking shiny and beautiful. Our auto experts recommend you polish your car once a year and wax it every two to three months.

8. Clean Your Floors

For most people, the floor of their vehicle is often so filthy that they don’t even notice it anymore. Take a good look at the floors in your car and treat those fibers to a session with the vacuum and a revitalizing scrub. You’ll be amazed at the difference a clean floor makes. Once your floors are nice and clean, keep them that way and save time on your next cleaning by investing in a couple custom fit floor mats or cargo mats.

9. Maintain the Interior

Over time, you’ll see the most wear and tear inside your vehicle. Sticky soda cans, leaky cologne bottles, melted gum or candy--there’s no limit to the damage you can do inside your car, so make a habit of removing trash and stains regularly. Clean the dashboard and glass with car-specific cleaning tools and do your best to keep food, cigarettes, and other hazards out of your vehicle.

10. Keep it Organized

Car organization is a simple yet underestimated tip in keeping your vehicle looking like new. There are plenty of nifty car storage products and ideas for you to keep your things in order. Take advantage of them!

Products to Keep Your Car Looking New

The automotive experts at Wade Auto understand the importance of keeping a like-new vehicle. Let us help you out! We offer a selection of tools and products you can use to keep your car in pristine condition. Check out our car accessories today!

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