5 Car Wind Deflectors That Will Decrease the Wind Noise and Silence Your Ride

5 Car Wind Deflectors That Will Decrease the Wind Noise and Silence Your Ride

The weather is warming, and summer driving season is just down the road. You have looked forward to airing out your stuffy car and enjoying the feeling of driving with the windows down. There’s just one problem. The moment you open your windows, the air comes screaming in and the noise drowns out the whole experience you have been looking forward to.

For the longest time, it seemed like you only had two choices. First, you could forget the whole romantic notion of driving with the windows down, roll them up, and use the air conditioning. The next option is to keep those windows down—and forget about hearing your music or having any form of conversation as long as the car is moving.

Thankfully, there’s a third option that gives you the best of both worlds. Keep those windows down, and actually hear yourself think (along with your music and fellow passengers) by installing custom wind deflectors on your car. You will be amazed at the difference they make. To get a better idea of what they do and what is right for you, take a look at these different types of car wind deflectors.

1. In-Channel Wind Deflectors for Cars

In-Channel Wind Deflectors for Cars are custom fitted to your car’s specs. They allow you to drive with the windows down without you getting blown away. They help you regulate how much air enters your car, and they eliminate that blast of wind coming right through the front of the open window and into your face. By keeping the air from blowing right into you, your ears can hear what’s traveling through the calmer air in your car.

2. In-Channel Wind Deflectors for Trucks

In-Channel Wind Deflectors for Trucks are just like those made for cars but customized for the unique shapes of truck windows. An additional benefit of in-channel wind deflectors is that they also help keep your windows from fogging while driving in the rain.

3. Slim Wind Deflectors

Slim Wind Deflectors have a lower profile to help you maintain a sleek look. Like in-channel wind deflectors, they are easy to install with peel and apply sticky backing specifically made for car and truck finishes.

4. Bug Deflectors

Bug Deflectors work with the aerodynamics of your vehicle and add enough trajectory to the wind flowing toward you to channel bugs up and over your vehicle. They help with wind noise and keep your windshield from becoming the wrong kind of quiet place.

5. Sunroof Wind Deflectors

Sunroof Wind Deflectors give you the added pleasure of opening up the sunroof and enjoying the air flowing through your hair, without trying to tear it out. Why get a sunroof if you feel like you can never enjoy it? Wind deflectors help you make the most of this excellent feature by eliminating its downside.

Get your car or truck ready for warm weather driving with wind deflectors custom fitted to your vehicle. You can find the one that is just right for your car or truck on the Wade Auto online store. You will be amazed at the variety. If you love cars with quiet cabins, then find your quiet place on the road with the right wind deflectors, and enjoy keeping those windows down. If you still have questions about wind deflectors, contact us. 

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