7 Car Accessories That Are An Absolute Must

7 Car Accessories That Are An Absolute Must

Whether you are a car person or not, there are some pretty awesome car accessories out there to make your driving experience more enjoyable and safe. Drivers of all kinds can find use out of these essential accessories, whether you’re a parent towing your kids around, a road trip-er, or a car enthusiast, here is a list of absolute must-have for your car:

1. Navigation System

Nothing makes traveling easier than being able to find your destination in a timely matter. Navigation systems make it effortless to find the perfect hiking trail or the correct building for that important job interview. No one likes getting lost, and these days reliable navigation systems aren’t hard to get ahold of.

2. Cell phone holder

Speaking of navigation systems, for a lot of people, this means using their phones. Having a hands-free cell phone holder, like a good cup holder mount, or any of the other multiple options out there is a must. Holding your phone while driving is dangerous, and in most states illegal, so this simple accessory is a great addition.

3. Custom floor mats

Let’s face it, floor mats are definitely used and abused. So, whether your car has the factory ones that just aren’t holding up, or yours are worn out, having sturdy, durable floor mats can keep the carpet of your car from getting trashed. Floor Mats can be custom-fit and offer a full range of protection from all elemental debris.  

4. Air Freshener

There’s nothing worse than a bad smelling car, but let’s be real, cars can get really stinky. Food gets spilled, garbage gets abandoned, and sometimes it’s hard to tell where the smell is even coming from. So, unless you want to offend everyone who rides with you, an air freshener is a must. And these days there are so many options, from traditional hanging air fresheners to charcoal bags. Whatever option you choose, just make sure you keep your car smelling nice.

5.  In-car organizer

Stuff—it’s everywhere. Having a dirty car is only slightly less offensive than having a smelly car. Using organizers to keep your car clean and tidy is an easy way to make your drive better. Whether you get a truck organizer, canvas box, or a customized container, it’s really no trouble to keep your car looking good.

6. Phone charger

These days phones are the essence of a functional life, but some of us aren’t great at keeping them charged. Even if you are using it for navigation, charging your phone while you drive is always a convenient option. Plus, your family and friends will appreciate being able to keep their devices charged when riding in your vehicle.

7. Baby camera

This takes parenting to a whole new level. If you have ever been in a car with small children, you’ll probably have noticed that they require parenting, even while seated in a car. The driver’s eyes being on the road at all times is vital for the safety of the passengers, car baby camera monitors allow parents to keep an eye on their kids without any risks.

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