Cheapest & Easiest Ways to Make Your Car Look Expensive

Cheapest & Easiest Ways to Make Your Car Look Expensive

Let’s be honest--there’s a reason that cars drop in value the second they’re driven off the lot. As soon as you buy a car, it suddenly seems to collect scratches, dust, dents, and mechanical problems. No matter if you’re driving a 1997 Chevy beater or a nicer Subaru that you just want to dress up, here are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your car look more expensive and new.

1. Restore your tires

Getting all new tires is really expensive, so if your tires still work well but just need a facelift, here’s the secret to cheap, new-looking tires. Many auto shops offer what is called “tire restoration,” where they coat your tires in gel dye. This makes your tires look black and shiny again. While it certainly looks much better, it also has the benefits of strengthening the rubber on your tire and blocks UV light from fading your tires faster.

2. Add minimal chrome accessories

Too much chrome can be tacky, but a little extra bling can make your car look luxurious. Check out these small, tasteful chrome accessories that make your car look fancy without draining your bank account.

3. Add light covers

Light covers are a simple, cheap way to make your vehicle look nicer. Since they come in so many designs, it’s also a great way to customize your car and add a personal touch.

4. Get coaster lights

Especially if you drive a lot at night, this is a small way to add a sleek accent to your car. And the best part is that they’re solar-powered, so they don’t drain your battery at all.

5. Bed Caps

If you have a truck, you absolutely need bed caps. The edges of your bed are some of the first places to get scratched and dented. Whether you need to cover up some previous damage or you’re trying to protect your truck from future rust and scratches, these bed caps are a must for a nice-looking truck.

6. Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are a fast way to make your car look like it cost $10,000 more than it really did. They’re easy to install and they’re very practical if you drive with your windows down or if you want to reduce wind noise while you drive. If you live in a place with harsh climates, wind deflectors can also protect your car by releasing excess heat if you live in a very hot place.

7. Tint your windows

Find a shade of tint that isn’t too harsh with your car’s paint color, and your car just gained instant respect.

8. Get new headlight bulbs

If your headlight bulbs are dim, you should be getting new ones anyway, so why not pick great ones? Consider LED or xenon bulbs for brighter light in different shades. They’re cheap and easy to install, but they make your car look much more nice, new, and expensive.

9. Install new floor mats

The floor is one of the first things to degrade in a car, so if you want to make your car look much more new and expensive, this is an essential part to replace. Keep your mats clean and replace them if they get worn or stained. They’ll give your car that fresh, new smell too.

10. Wax your car

Wax gives shine to make your car look newer and protects it from scratches and fading. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth, and this is one of the easiest ways to make your vehicle look more expensive.

As you implement these small tips and tricks, your car will be getting an upgrade while keeping your bank account happy. These simple ideas can usually be purchased for a low price, but they add a lot of value to your vehicle. Check out other accessory options for more information on how to keep your car in its top condition.

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