Do Bug Deflectors Really Work?

Do Bug Deflectors Really Work?

Well, let’s find out. In order to uncover the truth, we have to know exactly what they are.

What is a bug deflector?
A bug deflector is a piece of hardware attached to the grill of the car to, well, deflect bugs. Back in the day they were made of plastic and were several inches tall. The idea is that these bug deflectors would change the wind pattern so that bugs would be directed up and over the vehicle, instead of being squashed into the windshield or the hood.

Currently, there’s a lot of information out there about bug deflectors. Unfortunately, it’s not very clear, while some claim that they don’t really do much, others are saying they do.

Do Bug Deflectors Work?

Nowadays, knowledge and understanding of aerodynamics have grown substantially, so naturally, bug detectors have been modernized and streamlined. These days, you can get bug deflectors that are made specifically for your vehicle with the right height, shape, and curvature, where older versions were just sort of slapped onto any vehicle, not really taking into account the natural air flow of each individual shape. This resulted in various degrees of success.

And while the old-fashioned bug deflectors may not have always been effective, these modern acrylic, custom-made bug deflectors certainly are. In fact, they not only keep bugs off your vehicle, they also protect your hood and windshield from rocks and other debris. These high-quality, vehicle specific deflectors are not only effective but are also more attractive and made to complement your vehicle.

So how do they work? By calculating the flow of air over a specific vehicle, designers know from its aerodynamics the angles at which air will move over the hood, windshield, and roof. Based on these calculations, engineers design bug deflectors that will redirect the airflow at a similar but higher angle. This pushes the air and anything carried in the air, like bugs and small pieces of debris, over your car. The redirected current of air takes bugs and debris safely over your windshield, protecting it from splats and damage.

Not only are custom-designed bug deflectors effective, they are also better looking as they blend more with the curves of your vehicle. In addition, they also help you maintain your vehicle’s fuel efficiency better than the old-fashioned, flat, large profile bug deflectors that added more drag to your car.

If you’re looking to protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage, check out the bug deflectors from Wade Auto. Our bug deflectors are made with handcrafted, rubber-lined acrylic pieces that are designed and attached with precision. For more information, visit Wade Auto.

There are several types of bug deflectors available. As you can see from this linked gallery, there are many ways in which bug deflectors are customized. Years ago, most people using bug deflectors put them on their trucks, particularly pickup trucks. With similar designs and dimensions, there was little need to alter the generic design of old-fashioned bug deflectors. But with so much more variety in designs and contours of trucks  alone, bug deflectors must be designed specifically to fit the curves of each model. With the lower profile and sleek look of new bug deflectors, people opt to put them on more than just pickups. This adds even more variety to the deflectors out there.

In terms of installation, you can opt for bolt-on or tape-on deflectors. The tape used is relatively easy to install and uses a highly durable adhesive.

There are higher profile bug deflectors available. These models are still aerodynamically designed and much lower profile than the old-fashioned deflectors, but they offer greater protection against larger bugs and debris. This is likely a good option for people who drive more on loose gravel or dirt roads that will throw more debris at their vehicles. Higher profile deflectors are also useful for people living in places with larger bugs, such as in warm climates.

Do your research and review options for the type of bug deflector that will suit your vehicle, roads, and climate. They do work. Bug deflectors are an ingenious and simple way to protect your vehicle from damage and visibility-reducing mess. And now, they look good, too.

Have questions or want to learn more about bug deflectors? Contact us today! 

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