How to Keep Your Car Clean with 15 Easy Tips

How to Keep Your Car Clean with 15 Easy Tips

Keeping your car clean might seem like an impossible task—especially if you have kids. Learn how to keep your car clean with 15 easy-to-implement tips and tricks.

1. Cover Your Cup Holders

Cup holders attract messes. Combat this by putting silicone cupcake liners inside your cup holders. As they get messy, all you have to do is take them out, rinse them out, and put them back in.

2. Hang a Shoe Organizer for Storage

Hang a shoe organizer on the back of your front passenger seat. Its compartments make it easy to organize toys, wipes, diapers, an extra change of clothes, etc.

3. Use Shower Caps to Store Dirty Shoes

Avoid tracking mud into your car by keeping a supply of shower caps in your car. If your shoes get dirty, slip off your shoes (or your kid’s shoes), cover them with a shower cap, and clean them off when you get home.

4. Set a Cleaning Schedule

Clear out items that need to go in the house, and pick up loose trash. Use baby wipes to wipe down surfaces once every other week or so, and make sure to clean up spills right away. Vacuum at least once a month.

5. Use Tissue Boxes as Plastic Bag Dispensers

Store your collection of old grocery bags in emptied tissue boxes. This makes them easy to access without taking up unnecessary space.

6. Contain Food in Art Caddies

Plastic, sectioned art caddies are perfect for kids. Use the different sections for your child’s food. This won’t prevent all spills, but it’s a lot better than napkins, plastic bags, or paper plates.

7. Use Folders for Important Documents

Use an envelope-sized file folder to hold all of your important documents like insurance, registration, etc. The folders with labeled compartments are perfect.

8. Use a Muffin Tray for Drink Runs

Once you order more than 2 or 3 drinks, you start to run out of cupholders. Save yourself the spills and drama by putting a muffin tin in a laundry basket. This provides more than enough cup holders for a small crowd.

9. Use a Shower Caddy to Hold Car Fluid Containers

Store your windshield washer fluid, oil, and other fluid containers in a shower caddy to keep them from rolling all around your trunk and/or back seat.

10. Get a Trash Can or Bag

Buy a small, permanent trash can or bag to stay in your car. Ideal options are small, easy to empty, and easy to wash. Plastic cereal containers with a plastic bag are a great solution.

11. Store Crayons/Colored Pencils in Containers

The cardboard boxes crayons and colored pencils come in don’t stand up to a car trip very well. Store the coloring devices in old wipe containers or DVD cases instead.

12. Use Carabiners for Stuff with Straps

Attach a couple of carabiners to your headrests. You can easily attach purses, umbrellas, groceries, etc., which keeps your stuff off the floor of your car.

13. Get Rid of Vent Dust with a Foam Craft Brush

Tired of dusty air blowing through your vents? Break out a foam craft brush from the dollar store and easily clean the dust off your vents and breathe easy.

14. Store Loose Coins in a Gum Container

Plastic gum containers with a pop-off lid make great loose change containers that fit perfectly in your car’s cup holders.

15. Use Removable Floor Mats

Cleaning up car floors can seem like a never-ending battle with little kids. Wade Auto provides removable floor mats that make cleaning up after spills easy.

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