How to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer: 7 Heat-Beating Tips

How to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer: 7 Heat-Beating Tips

Opening your car door after work and being blasted with a suffocating wave of heat; burning yourself on the metal seat belt buckle; peeling yourself off the leather seats–a hot car in the middle of summer is no joke. After sitting in the sun for a length of time, the interior of a car can be 20-30 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature. This, combined with the fact that it can feel like an eternity for the air conditioner to kick in, can make summer trips in the car downright miserable.

Enjoy the warm weather more with these seven tips for how to keep your car cool in summer.

1. Park in the shade wherever possible.

Whenever it’s an option, always park in the shade–even if it means parking a bit further away. A bit of a longer walk is certainly worth the trouble when you return to a car that doesn’t feel like an oven after your day out. If a parking garage is available, use it. Keeping your car out of direct sunlight is beneficial both for the car, and for you.

2. Use sunshades.

If you must park your car in the sun, be sure to put up sunshades in the windows–especially the windshield. Cool sunshades and window visors are a must for using a car in the summertime. Not only does it help to keep the interior temperature down, but shielding your dashboard from direct sunlight will prevent cracking and fading.

3. Use blankets or towels as covers.

Even if you use sunshades, covering your steering wheel with a hand towel is a good idea. It keeps the temperature of the wheel down so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands on it when you get back in. And if you have vinyl or leather seats, cover them up with blankets as well. Cooler seats make a big difference when you sit down again, and protecting them from direct sunlight prolongs their life.

4. Let the car air out before getting in.

If you’re not in a rush, open the doors to your car and let it sit that way for a few minutes before getting in. This allows the hot air to exit and the cooler air to take its place.

5. Invest in tinted windows.

If your car isn’t already equipped, look into getting a tint put on its windows. Not only does it help keep the interior temperature down, but it can block a portion of the sun’s harmful UV rays as well. Think of it as sunglasses for your car. (Be sure to research your local laws on tinted windows first.)

6. Leave your windows cracked.

It isn’t always a possibility, but when you can, leave your windows open just a bit. Just make sure the crack isn’t big enough to fit your arm in–less than an inch is what’s recommended, to prevent theft. Closed windows lock in the hot air, so leaving them slightly open allows a bit of air circulation.

7. Cool your car down faster.

According to Consumer Reports, the A/C is most effective when the car is in motion. So once you get on the road, roll down your windows and blast the air until it gets cooler. This helps the rising hot air inside the car to be pushed outside while cooler air from the vents and windows rushes in.

For more tips on preventing your car heating up in the summertime, visit Wade Auto today.

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