How to Keep Your Pet-Friendly Cars Clean

How to Keep Your Pet-Friendly Cars Clean

Man’s best friend is seldom your car’s best friend. Keeping your vehicle clean when your canine, or any pet for that matter, is a frequent passenger is no small task. With a few tips, tricks, and tools, keeping your pet-friendly car clean can be so much easier.

Choose One Car for Pet Transport

If you can keep the pet concerns to one vehicle, you won’t have to worry about pet hair or odors in the rest of your cars. Stick to cleaning hair and deodorizing in just one vehicle, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort.

Cover Your Seats

Pets can cause damage to any kind of car seat. Fabric absorbs a lot of water and nails can easily scratch or tear leather. Do yourself a favor and cover your car seats. The removable seats make cleanup a simpler project, and you can avoid unsightly scratches and rips.

Use Restraint

If Fido has the freedom to roam the vehicle, so does his mess. Crates and restraints can keep the mess contained to one area of the car, which makes cleanup a much faster and easier job.

Carry a Cleaning Kit

Cleaning up after your pet can be a chore, but it’s a worse chore if you let spills and stains sit for a long time. Keep a cleaning kit in your car with essential tools to take care of messes after each car trip. Include items such as pet wipes, paper towels, microfiber towels, deodorizing spray, a lint roller, plastic bags, a pet brush/comb, a bottle of water, tweezers, and your favorite cleaner for little accidents.

Use High-Quality Floor Mats

Vacuuming a car is often awkward. Maneuvering around seats through doors and trunks can be surprisingly difficult. Removable floor mats are much easier to clean than the floor of your vehicle—particularly if your pet is prone to accidents. Buy Wade auto floor mats to protect your car’s floor.
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