How to Organize Your Car For Your Next Road Trip

How to Organize Your Car For Your Next Road Trip

Taking a road trip is one of the great joys in life. The feeling of freedom that comes with getting away from it all and taking off to explore the country just can’t be beat. Once you do it, you will want to get out on the road again and again.

As they say, anything worth doing is worth doing well. A good road trip is no exception. So to make the most of your trip, you often have a lot of planning to do. Sometimes, you can just throw a bag in the back of your car, get out, and go. But for longer trips with other people and a lot to see and do, planning becomes important. You often need to think about the route you take, what sites you want to visit, your timeline, who drives when, what you plan to eat, and where you will stay.

Make a list

Next is to list what to pack. This can be fun for some and a real chore for others. One thing less experienced roadtrippers don’t always think about is how to pack your car. If you have a lot of gear, you need to keep it organized. This will help you find things when you need them and keep your travel companions from driving each other insane.

Another thing to think about when packing your car is the damage that the trip can do to it. Not just the mileage, but the inside of your car. After all, you will essentially be living in your car for all the hours and days that you will spend on the road. Yes, you will probably sleep somewhere else, but when it comes to long road trips, you know you are going to snack and nap in there.

How to keep your car clean

For all the time you will be spending in your car on the open road, keeping it clean and organized will help make the experience better. If that sounds like a chore that takes away from the freedom of the open road, think of a clean, organized car as freedom from the frustration of being buried in piles of chip bags and soda cans.

In addition to making the ride that much better, a few car organization tools will also help with that most dreaded part of the road trip—cleaning out the car when you get home. To make it all easier, just do a few small things before you leave.

First, get a small trash bin for your car. There are models that hook onto the center console or the back of a seat. This small addition makes a huge difference. Just make sure you have extra bags in the glove box.

Also in the glove box, pack plenty of wipes. These will save your interior, and maybe even your friend’s life, if a drink spill happens on the drive.

Another thing to look into are organizers that hang on the backs of the front seats. These can put all of the little travel essentials right where you can find them.

Custom floor mats

On the cleanup side, look into fitted floor mats for your car. These are amazing at keeping dirt and debris from getting under the mats and ground into the floor.

Finally, line your cargo area before you pack. By using a cargo liner for your car or truck, you protect your car from damage and help keep that area organized.

Good road trip planning and preparation will help you feel that much more freedom out on the open road. Drive safe!

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