How to Reduce Wind Noise in Your Car: Simple Soundproofing Tips for a Quieter Drive

How to Reduce Wind Noise in Your Car: Simple Soundproofing Tips for a Quieter Drive

Whether you are commuting to work or just cruising with a friend on a casual drive, you should be able to experience a drive without the distraction of extra noise from the car’s engine, road, or wind noise in the car. It might seem that a soundproof car is only for luxury car owners, but there are simple things you can be doing right now for car noise reduction. No matter where it’s coming from, unwanted noises can be a nuisance. However, there are ways to learn how to reduce wind noise in your car with Wade Auto’s tips on how to soundproof a car and create a quieter drive.

Reducing Road Noise

Sometimes when the rubber hits the road, it’s much louder than you want it to be. Extra noise coming from the road makes long trips less enjoyable. Music can be harder to hear and normal conversations are a strain. Here are a few simple tips on how to soundproof a car from road noises.

Soundproof Floor Mats

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A great solution for car noise reduction is to use soundproof floor mats in place of your normal floor mats. Soundproof floor mats are designed to reduce the noise coming up through your car’s floor and make your drive quieter. Most noise comes from the front area of your car and soundproof floor mats are designed to combat that.

You can also add your own reflective insulation when just the soundproof floor mat is not enough on its own. Reflective insulation is extra padding that helps block out sounds from the road. As an extra bonus, the added insulation also helps your car retain heat and keeps the cold outside where it belongs.

Soundproof the Car Doors

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Soundproofing your car doors is another great tip on how to soundproof a car. If your door is not properly insulated then that’s a great place for noise to get in. You can add to your car door’s current insulation with a sound-dampening floor mat or some extra insulation to help block out noise from the road. The soundproof floor mats are a great way to help insulate your car doors, but extra insulation works well too. This can be a tricky process, so make sure you are following directions when you remove the plastic panel from your door and install new soundproofing insulation.

Go to the Source


Don’t forget about general automotive upkeep when it comes to soundproofing a car. If there are loud noises coming from the road as you travel it’s a good idea to check your car and make sure it is functioning correctly. Check your exhaust system, your suspension, and your tires to make sure they are all up to snuff. Reducing the extra noise in your car may be as simple as getting it checked regularly.

Reducing Engine Noise

Sometimes the extra noise in your car isn’t from the road at all but your own engine. Here are a few good ideas on how to soundproof a car from noises coming from the engine.

Hood Insulation

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If your car’s engine is just generally a loud engine then consider placing one of the soundproof floor mats on the inside of your car’s hood. Because of how versatile they are, soundproof floor mats are always a big part of how to soundproof a car. They are the best go-to source for some extra insulation to reduce sound and make your ride more enjoyable.

Check the Basics

As mentioned before, extra sound in your car may just be due to some general upkeep that has been neglected. The extra noise might be the fact that your engine is working harder than it should and there is something that needs to be fixed. Check some of your car’s basic engine parts, like your spark plugs, and make sure everything is working properly. Also, make sure to look for any bolts that might be loose. Checking the basics is a great way to encourage car noise reduction.

How to Reduce Wind Noise in Your Car

Wind noise in your car is never an enjoyable experience. All car owners will experience some amount of wind noise in their car as their vehicle cuts through the air. However, excessive wind noise is cause for concern. Here are some ideas on how to soundproof a car and how to reduce wind noise in a car.

Check the Sealings

A good way to reduce wind noise in your car is to check the sealing on your windows and doors. Over time, window and door sealings can wear out and allow more wind inside your car. You can fix this by adding a second layer of rubber on the door and window seals to help block out the wind.

Use Wind Deflectors

Installing wind deflectors is another great way to reduce wind noise in your car. You can install deflectors for your car’s windows or your sunroof, and there are a few different wind deflector design options to match the unique style of your car. Take a second and check out Wade Auto’s wide collection of wind deflectors—including slim deflectors, in-channel deflectors, and deflectors for your sunroof—to match the varying needs of your car. Wind deflectors are a great way to reduce wind noise in your car and will help you find the quieter ride that you want.

Your car, no matter the make or model, can be quieter. Follow Wade Auto’s simple tips on how to soundproof a car, promote car noise reduction, and create a quieter ride today.

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