The Best Spring Car Cleaning Tips for Your Winter-Weather Car

The Best Spring Car Cleaning Tips for Your Winter-Weather Car

Spring is finally here, and while you want to put that long, cold winter out of your mind right away, you should take a moment to think about a few winter-related things. When it comes to your car, you need to stop and think about what winter has done to your poor driving machine. The cold weather and what we need to do to endure it can really take a toll on our cars. Not to worry, though. Take a look at these car cleaning hacks that will help you put winter behind you and have your car ready for spring driving.

Chuck the debris

Cars can get dirty any time of year, but winter might just do the most to really dirty up your car. For one thing, we don’t tend to spend much time out in the cold garage or driveway cleaning out the car. Spring is the time to make up for lost time with some car deep-cleaning.

To start off, grab a garbage bag and throw out all of the debris that has accumulated. From papers to wrappers and paper cups to who knows what else you might find under the seats, you want to get rid of anything your vacuum can’t swallow.

Suck it up

Vacuuming out your car is one of the best car spring cleaning tips you can use. You will be amazed at the difference a clean floor and seats will make to the look and feel of your car. If you have them, be sure to use your upholstery attachments for the seats and that great narrow attachment for getting everything out of the crevices.

Air it out

Another consequence of the winter cold is that we tend to keep our cars tightly closed up to keep warm. But the warmth isn’t the only thing you keep trapped in your car all winter. Take advantage of a warm spring day and drive around with the windows down. Airing out your car can help those lingering winter fragrances drift away. Get an air freshener after that, if you wish.

Wipe it down

The dash and other hard surfaces inside your car might not get as dusty in the winter as they can when the windows are down in the summer, but you will still be impressed by how much better they look after a good cleaning. Make sure you get the right product for the type of surfaces you have in your car. The same goes for leather or vinyl seats. Products that protect against the sun will be helpful as we approach the hotter times of the year. Don’t forget the consoles between seats, the stick shift handle and the door panels.

Wash the exterior

Now comes the fun part. Even if you don’t particularly like washing your car, it sure does feel like winter is long gone when you can head to the car wash or bust out the bucket and sponge. Again, be sure to use the right products for your car. Try to pay particular attention to the rims and the lower realms of your car, especially if you have been driving on salted roads over the past few months. The headlights also deserve extra attention for obvious safety reasons. To go the extra mile, look into headlight covers that will keep them looking and functioning well.

Clean the windows inside and out

You can get the windows as you wash your car, but remember to clean the inside as well. It makes a huge difference in how clean your car will look and how well you can see on those brilliant sunny days ahead.

Check under the hood for debris

More a remnant of fall, your car can get leaves stuck under the hood. They can then hide in there all winter long. Take look under the hood to see if anything needs to be removed.

Check fluids

While you are in there, check the windshield washer fluid and coolant to make sure the reservoirs are properly filled. Also, make sure you get your oil changed regularly as recommended.

Check the tires

If you live with snowy and icy roads in the winter, you probably think about the tread and overall condition of your tires as winter starts. But it is also a good idea to check out the condition of your tires when doing your car spring cleaning. We tend to drive more and farther in the warmer months, so a good, safe set of tires is a must.

Get long-term protection

Now that you have spent a good afternoon spring cleaning your car, you can think about some useful hacks that will protect your car all year long and make your next round of cleaning easier. Look into fitted floor mats to protect your car’s floor and carpeting. They keep your car looking great and are much easier to clean than standard mats.

Enjoy spring with a clean car that is ready to roll.

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