The Complete Guide to Driving With the Windows Down

The Complete Guide to Driving With the Windows Down

There’s nothing like the pure joy that comes along with cruising along with the windows down on a beautiful, sunny day. Dogs, babies, and drivers alike all seem to be a bit happier with the wind blowing along on their drive. And it probably goes without saying, but rolling down the windows is pretty much a must-do on scenic country drives.

Though girls with their hair down and claims of fuel efficiencies can make you think twice about rolling those windows down, we’re here with great news: there’s a way to quiet all the haters, with sound evidence and some helpful tips. Read on to learn how to make driving with the windows down the optimal experience. Trust us, it will be worth the effort.

The fuel inefficiency claims aren’t true

Though many people claim that driving with the windows down can lower fuel efficiency, the claims simply aren’t true. Extensive studies show that fuel efficiency is best when the air conditioner is off and windows are up, yes. But when it comes to AC on or windows down, it turns out that it’s better to have the windows down. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that “AC use can reduce a conventional vehicle’s fuel economy by more than 25 percent, particularly on short trips.” Win for the windows! Honestly, even if the claims were true, we reckon the happiness it induces is worth the extra fuel.

Keep a scarf in the car year-round

Now here’s a way to keep the long-haired ladies happy: simply keep a scarf in your car year-round, and pass it over to your lady passenger any time you have a hankering to roll down the windows. No more tangled locks or hair flying in her face, and you can both enjoy a more carefree drive by feeling the fresh air and wind on your cheeks.

Install window rain guards

Also known as car wind deflectors, these handy features are an excellent way to reduce wind and noise while your windows are down. The rain guards are a simple in-channel vent visor that can be installed along the edges of the window. They work to redirect airflow away from driver and passenger, making a more smooth, cool ride for all. They can also be installed along the sunroof for added comfort. And as the name suggests, rain guards also push water away from the side window glass, greatly reducing the amount of water that travels across your windows. This allows for cleaner windows and better visibility, even in the rain.

Fresh air and sunshine can do a world of good for your mood and soul. By following these tips, you’ll be able to roll down your windows more often and get a quick mood-boost anytime you like.

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