Top Custom Fit Floor Mat For The Offroad Junkie

Top Custom Fit Floor Mat For The Offroad Junkie

We believe that everyone is better off with a car that fits the life they’re living. A car should adapt to the everyday life you lead, not the other way around. Hence, outdoor enthusiasts especially deserve to have a vehicle tough enough to keep up with their mountain biking, camping, fishing outings, mudding adventures, and more.

Luckily, even if you don’t have the ideal car for your outdoor lifestyle, you can adapt your vehicle with some small changes to make it more durable. One of the best ways to do so is by installing floor mats to protect the floor of your car long-term.

The best floor mat for you

While there are many types of floor mats out there, we’ve got a list of what you should consider when picking one for your particular vehicle. This will ensure you find a mat that meets your lifestyle needs.

Custom-fit floor mats: While there are carpet floor mats, embroidered floor mats, etc., we highly recommend a heavy duty floor mat in a custom fit. Unlike regular floor mats, custom fit mats will ensure a perfect fit for your specific car model — one that won’t allow anything to fall between the cracks and stain your car’s flooring.

All-weather guard mats: If you live in a climate with snow, slush, or rainy seasons, you’ll definitely want an all-weather guard mat to capture the dirt, mud, and other gunk that collects on your shoes. These mats have deep grooves to catch salt and debris, while keeping the rest of the mat clean.

Rubber and vinyl floor mats: It’s great to choose a mat with a cleanable surface for easy upkeep. By choosing a mat made of vinyl or rubber, you can simply remove it from the car and wipe it clean or hose it down. Then it will look as good as new and ready for your next adventure.

Cargo floor liners: When you’re an offroad junkie or another type of outdoor adventurer, it’s important to think about other areas of the car that may suffer wear and tear. Cargo liners in a heavy-duty material are perfect for protecting the trunk of your car and allowing you to haul all your gear for weekend getaways.

If you’re looking for the perfect floor mat for your outdoor lifestyle, look no further than Wade Auto. They’ve got all the floor mats to match an outdoor lifestyle and give full protection from mud, snow, spills, and everything else that come along with life’s adventures. All of their mats are designed specifically for each vehicle and made from rubberized copolymer, which has a rigid core and tactile surface. This provides flexibility and a non-slip surface for excellent traction.

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