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Deflectors For Your Car And Truck

With so many automobile accessories on the market today, it can be difficult to identify which items actually serve a valuable purpose and which simply add excess features to your car. We have a wide range of car deflectors. Wind deflectors (also known as rain guards) are an accessory that not only help to protect your car from rain, bugs, debris, and harsh winds, but they are also a valuable asset to have when it comes to reducing wind noise within your vehicle and aid in the circulation of fresh air.

At Wade Automotive, we’re proud to offer an array of unique, custom wind, rain, and bug car deflectors that serve a variety of purposes while simultaneously maintaining the sleek, seamless look of your car’s exterior.

Wind Deflectors

Do you hesitate putting your windows down on the interstate because of the aggressive noise and wind that enters your car? Wind deflectors from Wade Automotive can provide a solution to this problem by diverging rain and wind away from your car windows. In addition to creating a comfortable interior environment, these wind deflectors help to aid in ventilation and reduced gas consumption by reducing the use of air conditioning and boosting the aerodynamics of your car.

Rain Guards for Cars

Another common term for deflectors is rain guards. Rain guards for cars are custom-designed to fit seamlessly into the profile of your car in a sleek manner and are also key in helping to redirect the flow of air both throughout and around the vehicle. In addition to improving fuel efficiency like wind deflectors, rain guards are designed to allow drivers and passengers to crack the windows without worrying about getting doused with water. Wade Automotive has an array of different window rain guards for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Bug Shield

Bug deflectors are another type of deflector that does much more than simply divert bugs up and over your car, instead of directly at the windshield, but it also blocks damaging debris from pummeling the front of your hood. Furthermore, bug shields help to reduce the damage of sleet and hail.

Shop Wade Automotive’s inventory of over 900 custom-designed bug deflectors, today. You won't want to miss out! 

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