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Headlight Covers

Covers for Car Lights

On most cars, stock headlights are highly susceptible to wear and tear that quickly damages and destroys them. However, by investing in aftermarket headlight covers, you can protect your car’s headlights and prolong the life and integrity of your vehicle.

At Wade Automotive, our impressive inventory of tinted and clear covers for car lights are designed thoughtfully and specifically for each and every vehicle. Manufactured from high-impact acrylic materials, Wade's headlight covers provide a strong, durable barrier between road debris and your vehicle’s actual headlights. Wade’s exclusive line of both clear and high-gloss tinted black headlight covers are designed using top-of-the-line product development tools not just to ensure each connects with a perfect fit, but that also provides generic headlights with the ultimate protection against common damage and debris. 

In addition to providing your vehicle with an additional element of defense, Wade’s headlight covers are designed with user-friendly installation in mind and for all car lights types. Available with return tags, velcro strips, and snap-in clips, clear and tinted black headlight covers are quick, easy, and safe to apply in the comfort of your own driveway or garage.

Like all of Wade Automotive’s products, our tinted and clear headlight covers for all car lights types are proudly designed and handcrafted in the United States and feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty intended to give you peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for tinted black headlight covers that fit seamlessly with your car’s sleek profile or  clear headlight covers that don’t alter the appearance of your vehicle, Wade has the auto light covers you need to keep your car’s headlights safe and protected on the road. Shop our extensive inventory of headlight covers today, or call our automotive accessory experts to find the products you’re looking for.

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