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Product Information
We have all done it, you are driving on the highway, with the radio cranked up, with a caffeinated beverage in your hand. Suddenly something distracts you, could be the car in the next lane unexpectedly swerves toward you, could be one of your least favorite children tries to change the radio station during your favorite song, could be you see something pretty and temporarily take your eyes off the road. The problem is the beverage. However it happened and for whatever reason it slips out of your hand and tumbles toward the floor. You watch in horror as time slows to a crawl, you reach out, but gravity already has your drink in her awful grasp. How lucky are you to have already purchased a set of Wade Sure-Fit Floor Liners.

Wade Sure-Fit Floor Mats are digitally designed to ensure a custom fit for your 2017 Dodge Ram. These floor liners are manufactured out of a rubberized copolymer, designed to protect the carpet of your 2017 Dodge Ram from mud, snow, and accidental spills. The mats utilize 3M automotive grade Velcro or original factory retention hooks to secure them in place. The rigid core provides a strong but flexible form while the non-slip surface provides added traction.

All our products are proudly made in the United States and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Available in black, gray, or tan.