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Floor Mats & Floor Liners

Wade Auto’s custom fit floor mats will give your vehicle’s interior the protection it needs. Do you often drive to places with harsh weather and wish the elements weren’t so hard on the inside of your car? These auto floor mats, made from rubberized copolymer, are specially designed to keep snow, mud, dirt, spilled drinks, or any other stain-causing material from damaging your car’s carpet. Even if your custom fit floor mats get wet or dirty, your carpet won’t.

Not only do the quality waterproof materials of Wade Auto custom fit floor mats protect your vehicle’s interior, they protect you too. The tactile surface of our auto floor mats gives you extra traction when stepping into and out of your vehicle. This aids in the prevention of nasty slips and falls when entering or exiting your car. In addition to the tactile surface, these custom fit car floor mats have a rigid core that makes them durable and strong.They will give your car or truck interior protection for years to come.

Our custom fit car floor mats aren’t only designed to last; they’ll stay where they’re supposed to, as well. We use long-lasting application methods, like automotive grade velcro and retention hooks, to make sure your auto floor mats stay in place. 

At Wade Auto, we digitally plot the floor area of each and every vehicle model to ensure perfect compatibility for all of our custom fit floor mats. In order to follow through on our commitment to precision and detail, we manufacture our custom car floor mats with cutting-edge product development technology. These tools help us make products that meet the precise specifications of every vehicle interior. We’re dedicated to giving you auto accessories that are a perfect fit for your vehicle and maximize its protection.

Our floor mats are customized for your vehicle make and model, but that isn’t the only customization we can offer you with our automotive accessories. Choose between black, gray, or tan colors, so your custom car floor mats can fit perfectly with the look of your car, as well.

All Wade Auto custom fit floor mats are proudly manufactured in the United States. We enforce the highest manufacturing standards when producing our automotive accessories, to ensure that our customers get the top quality products. We also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our automotive products to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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