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3M Replacement Tape

3M Replacement Tape

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Many of Wade Automotive Products use 3M automotive grade double sided tape to install on your vehicle. When applied to the vehicle correctly, this adhesive will hold your accessories securely in place for years. When installing or reinstalling parts using 3M tape please remember to follow these tips closely.

1. Surface must be completely clean. When the adhesive fails, this is the most common issue. All surfaces should be cleaned completely and wiped down with rubbing alcohol as wax and other paint protective coatings will prevent the tape from adhering.

2. 3M automotive grade tape uses a pressure sensitive adhesive. Firm pressure must be applied for the tape to adhere properly.

3. The tape does not adhere to cold surfaces correctly. If temperatures are below 65 degrees, we recommend warming the mounting surface with a heat gun or hair dryer. (Do not get the surface hot, just warm)

4. The tape requires 48 hours to cure. We recommend not driving the vehicle for 48 hours after installation if possible. In-channel visor installations should leave windows up for 48 hours.

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Many of Wade Automotive Products install using 3M automotive grade adhesive. Please follow these instructions to ensure a proper installation.

1: Vehicle surface must be perfectly clean and free from all dirt, grease, wax, and other protective coatings.

2. The adhesive is pressure sensitive and requires firm pressure to install correctly.

3. Install on a warm vehicle. The adhesive will not adhere correctly to a cold surface.


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