The Top 5 Car Buying Apps You Should Use

The Top 5 Car Buying Apps You Should Use

In this digital age, there seems to be an app for nearly everything you could imagine, and car buying is no different. This digital age offers some amazing resources for used car buyers with some great car buying apps available for download right now. But, how can you be sure you are truly getting the best used car app out there? That is why Wade Auto has compiled this list of five of the best used car apps so you can know you are getting the best value possible when you are buying a new or used car.

Car Buying Apps

When you are shopping for a car online you need to know the best car value apps out there so you know you are finding the best deal possible. A car buying app is also a helpful resource when you are looking for that dream car, as most car buying apps will send you text messages when a type of car becomes available or when a price drops on a specific car. These are valuable tools that can really give you a leg up on the market and save those precious extra dollars. Here are five of the best used car apps out there—all apps are available for both Apple and Android phones unless otherwise stated.


The CarMax app is great because it plugs you into their nationwide inventory of over 40,000 automobiles! Along with their reviews and advice, the app also offers free vehicle history reports. Because this app is searching for cars in all CarMax dealerships all prices are final. It’s great news because the price is upfront right from the start, but not so nice if you love negotiating and bargaining your way to a price.


Blinker is a free app that uses a picture of the license plate to gather information about a car, yours or a car you want to buy, including the estimated Black Book™ value. Blinker can verify the seller’s ownership get you a free CARFAX Report™, and help with the paperwork. You can also use Blinker to sell your car and pay off your loan, and verify the identity of the buyer. Or if you just want to refinance your loan, Blinker can do that, too.

Used Car Search Pro

The Used Car Search Pro app is a great tool to have on your belt when looking for a used car. This app looks at 40,000 different car dealerships and cars on the private market when you search for a car. It also has a feature that will compare the vehicle’s price to the current market value of the car, so you know exactly when you are paying the right price for a car.

Kelley Blue Book

Anyone who has ever bought a used car or put one on the market knows about Kelley Blue Book, but did you know they had an app as well? The Kelley Blue Book app, aside from what you would expect from a used car app, offers some great pricing guidelines on both new and used cars, quick vehicle comparisons, and car reviews. This app is great to help you not only find the car you want, but also to educate yourself on a car you are thinking about.

The app focuses on all local listings to help you find the best used car available. It also includes reviews from previous owners of the same type of car so you can know what to expect when you buy. And with the app’s dealership reviews, you can be armed with all the information you need when you are ready to buy.

Download any of these apps today and start exploring the great deals in your area. And once you buy your used car, check out Wade Auto for affordable parts to help fix up your new vehicle.

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